Kongsberg Automotive AMT External Actuator

Kongsberg Automotive AMT External Actuator image

The ExAct™ has very low response time with a high accuracy, which is vital in modern AMT and CBW systems. The functionality and design is also made for easy lifetime integration in the vehicle.


  • An impressive performance enabled through favourable cylinder design combined with an advanced integrated controller as well as fast response and high-flow valves
  • Communication with the integrated ECU via CAN or PWM-input
  • Tilt sensing accelerometer is integrated in the ECU
  • The ExAct ™can be adapted to all clutch characteristics
  • The mechanical interface to the clutch housing is the same as for a manual clutch servo or slave cylinder
  • A self-adjustment mechanism compensates for tolerances in the clutch mechanism and for clutch wear over the clutch life
  • The unit is designed for 6 million actuations, giving a maintenance free "actuator for life"
  • Compact and light unit, which combined with absence of hydraulic fluid, makes it easy to handle in production, and contributes to general weight reduction